iPhone Tweak Accelerates iOS Animations

Time: 2012-11-14 Click:

Is your jailbroken iPhone acting slower than normal lately? Now you can speed up everything in iOS with a simple jailbreak tweak. Accelerate actually doesn't change the speed of your device, but it will make system animations faster. This can at least make it seem like things are running more quickly and streamline your iOS experience.

accelerate tweak iOS

The tweak can be found in Cydia on the BigBoss repo for free. To download the tweak your iPhone must be jailbroken. Navigate to Sections -> Tweaks or use the Search function to find Accelerate. Once installed, the tweak will offer several options.

To access the options, navigate to Settings -> Accelerate. The main options are whether or not to enable the tweak, which can be switched ON or OFF. Below this is Acceleration, which offers a wide variety of creatively named speeds from the fastest to the slowest. Just choose your speed and adjust accordingly after testing it out.

Accelerate can also be disabled for specific animations, which will leave these at their default speed. The tweak will not actually speed up your iPhone processor or the iOS system itself, but it can make a noticeable difference especially on older devices. Even though the tweak will only really alter your perception, isn't that what counts?