iPhone 5 Shipping Times Drop to One Week

Time: 2012-11-29 Click:

Good news for those of you looking to buy an iPhone 5 during this holiday season. Apple has come closer to catching up with demand, and shipping times listed on their online store have dropped to just one week. This is down from the previous estimate of two weeks.

iphone 5 ship time one week

Delivery times are the same for all wireless carriers, both the black and white iPhone 5 and all models from 16GB up to 64GB storage. Even though one week may seem like a long time, right after pre-ordering sold out on launch day Apple was taking up to a month to fill orders.

For shoppers who don't mind going to the closest Apple retail store or their local wireless carrier, chances are the device you're looking for is in stock. Just remember, Apple does not charge for shipping on their online store, so the cost will be the same for delivery. Now that the activation process is so simple from home, it really is convenient to answer the door after one week and collect your new iPhone 5.

Apple reported that iPhone 5 sales topped over 5 million units in just three days. With such robust demand, the company has been facing manufacturing challenges that have made production difficult. Regardless, Apple intends to launch the device in over 100 countries before the end of the year.