Turn Your Old iPhone into Cash with HelloTotem

Time: 2011-04-07 Quote From: Click:

The folks behind cash4iPhones.com and cash4BlackBerrys.com have launched a new, comprehensive site called HelloTotem.com that promises to pay you top dollar for your old, unwanted iPhone. HelloTotem wants to send you cash for that iPhone that's been collecting dust on your desk since you upgraded. HelloTotem is currently offering payment, often issued the same day your device lands at HelloTotem, for many different models of outdated smartphones including devices from Apple, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, LG and BlackBerry. Every model of iPhone Apple has produced, save first generation iPhones, are exchangeable for what HelloTotem promises are the most competitive prices in the industry. HelloTotem also has plans to start offering cash for tablet devices, such as the iPad, in the near future.


The process is incredibly straightforward. Simply visit HelloTotem.com and enter your device and it's condition right on the homepage. You'll get an instant quote, a quote which Totem indicates is reliable 98% of the time. The other 2%, when quotes change, are typically from customers drastically overstating the condition of their device. According to Nicholas Fiorentino, Totem's CEO, in some cases customers understate the condition of their device and actually receive payment that exceeds their quoted offer. Once you accept Totem's quote, you'll receive a postage pre-paid mailer that you simply put your device in and ship back to Totem. Once Totem receives and processes the device, they issue payment.

Payment can be issued via check or via PayPal and, if your used phone arrives at Totem before 10am on a business day, they'll issue payment that day.

A 32GB iPhone 3GS currently in "good" condition (which allows for minor scratches typical of day-to-day use) is worth $193. Who knew you had a nearly two-hundred dollar paperweight sitting on your desk all this time? Oh, and don't worry if you've lost your charger, USB cable, original box or anything else that came with your iPhone. Totem doesn't want them. Just send the phone.

So, how do you know you're not shipping your phone off into a black hole, never to be seen again? Totem stresses their understanding of customer concerns regarding online scams and reliability. After all, Totem isn't the first company to offer cash for old phones. HelloTotem.com has a detailed tracking system that shows the progress of your payment every step of the way. Totem also received an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, showcases a myriad of customer testimonials and also takes care to protect customer privacy through their TRUSTe certification.

For more information, or to get a quote for your unwanted phone, visit HelloTotem.com.