How to construct insect mesh or soffit mesh

Insect mesh is fast becoming one the leading methods to stop infestation in commercial properties that serve food and products where hygiene is of paramount importance.

History of stopping insects

Throughout history, little insects have been considered ‘dirty’ and in the modern day, a simply fly in a restaurant can cause a stir with any kind of individual especially a food standards inspector.

How the modern day has changed the industry and introduced the use of insect mesh

The Catering and Service industry have consistently fought the battle typically using door drapes or insect attraction lights to fend of the plague that can be caused by these pests.

Why use insect or soffit mesh?

Soffit mesh is typically the more ‘jargon’ based terminology for the product used. A sheet or combined number of sheets of metal or plastic finely woven or manufactured to create a ‘mesh’ effect. Thus allowing air to flow but not the dreaded creepy crawlys!

How to install? 3 Step Guide


  1. identify the area that the source of the flies/pests may be coming from and measure the area in length and height to create cm squared or m squared volume.
  2. Visit a supplier or online retailer where you can buy insect or soffit mesh.
  3. Use removable tape or small nails to attach the product to fixtures around the identified area and ensure that the product is set tight, leaving no gaps.

    Following the steps above, you will easily stop the problems caused by insects and it is a cheap alternative to using any other kind of method. A hygiene consultant will typical recommend this method too.