iPhone 3GS Set Up Guide

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Many iPhone 3GS owners are upgrading from earlier models, either the original iPhone or the iPhone 3G. While the setup process for the iPhone 3GS is fairly similar to that used for both earlier models, here's a step-by-step guide to setting up and using your iPhone 3GS.

NOTE: If an iPhone 3GS is your first ever iPhone, use this iPhone set up guide instead. Though it was created for the original iPhone, the setup process isn't particularly different these days.

Buying and Activation

The first step is setting up your iPhone 3GS is, of course, to buy it and activate it. You canbuy the phone a number of places and all stores selling it can also activate the phone. This means that when you walk out the door, your new iPhone 3GS will be working and able to place and receive calls. Sometimes it takes a minute or two for the cell network to recognize the phone, so you may find that a few minutes after activation your phone begins to recognize that it has voicemails and text messages that weren't apparent when it was activated. This is normal.

Upgraders will find that they don't need to swap their SIM card from their old iPhone - the activation process transfers your number to the new phone. (Don't forget, too, that once you've upgraded, you've got a used iPhone that many people will be willing to buy. If you're not already passing your old iPhone down to someone, why not recoup some cash?)

Though when you leave the store your phone will work, it won't have your songs, email accounts, or other data on it yet. To get those, you'll need to set up your iPhone 3GS on your computer.

iphone 3gs setup, step 7

The backup will restore data, apps, and media to your phone. The time it takes will depend on how much you have to restore. I restored about 10 apps, a calendar, email accounts, and 2000+ songs in under 15 minutes.

With the restore complete, you're ready to go! Your new iPhones 3GS has your data and settings in place. Enjoy it.

iphone 3gs setup, step 6
Since you're upgrading, you'll have a backup of your data that you can restore onto your iPhone 3GS. Choose the backup you prefer and click continue.

iphone 3gs setup, step 5
Decide whether you want a free trial of Mobile Me, Apple's online service. Mobile Me is gaining in usefulness for iPhone users thanks to the addition of the Find my iPhone feature Apple just introduced (which can locate a lost or stolen phone via GPS, make a sound to help you find it in the house, or even remotely wipe and lock a stolen phone). Make your choice and proceed.

iphone 3gs setup, step 4
Enter your contact information here.

iphone 3gs setup, step 3
If you' re upgrading, you'll already have an iTunes Account. Enter that information here or, if for some reason you want a new account, create one.

iphone 3gs setup, step 2
Agree to the terms of Apple's license agreement on this screen (you can read it if you want, but it may not make much sense unless you're a lawyer). You won't be able to continue until you click the agreement button.

iphone 3gs setup, step 1
When you plug your new iPhone 3GS into your computer for the first time, you'll be greeted by an introductory screen. You can choose to register later if you want, but you'll need to register eventually, so it might make sense to do it now.