How To Create iPhone Themes

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For those of you who are eager to find a way to customize your iPhone, I have great news! Not only is it possible but relatively simple. In fact the simplicity of this tutorial will erase all regret you might gained by updating your phone to 2.0.

Saurik (creator of Cydia) created a new theme manager called WinterBoard! It has been designed to accept SummerBoard themes without modification. It is claimed to be much more powerful than its predecessor and can theme almost any graphic on you phone. I have tested it myself and found it more convenient than SpringRoll since it does not require theme conversion and any knowledge of command lines. Simply create a ‘SummerBoard’ theme and put it into /Library/Themes folder, after installing WinterBoard from Cydia of course; WinterBoard will do its job by recognizing it and allowing you to apply it with one single touch.

First thing first. Your iPhone needs to be jailbroken. I have a great tutorial on how to make it happen here.

After your iPhone is jailbroken, you need to install OpenSSH. To do this, open Cydia on your newly jailbrokeniPhone and click on search option on the right bottom corner. Type OpenSSH and install it. It will allow you to connect to your iPhone wirelessly using your terminal and/or CyberDuck (Mac users). This is essential step since it will allow you to explore your iPhone in a similar way you explore your Mac. It will give you access to your /root directory where all of the applications and documents reside.

After you have installed OpenSSH, you will need to install WinterBoard. Again, open Cydia and search for WinterBoard. Install it.


Download and install CyberDuck on your Mac. After successful installation, configure it to connect to youriPhone. Follow this tutorial if you need to.

About the creation of a theme…
To customize your iPhone you need to create your own dock, icons, mini dock, status bar and wallpaper. Here are the dimensions for each one of them:
Dock - 320×91
Icons -  59×60
Mini Dock -   320×37
Status Bar - 320×20
Wallpaper - 320×480
You can also download an ‘example’ theme i made specially for you to see how everything should look like. You can find it here. (Note: You will have to unzip the file before applying it as a theme.)

To apply it, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your laptop/computer and iPhone to your wireless network
  2. Open CyberDuck and connect it to your iPhone
  3. Navigate your CyberDuck to /Library/Themes
  4. Drag and drop your theme into the ‘Themes’ folder
  5. Open WinterBoard and select your theme to be applied

By the way, if you are interested in creating new themes, sharing your wallpapers, applications or anything for the iPhone, please do so and we will gladly publish them on Cydia!