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The Stop Smoking Handbook

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The Stop Smoking Handbook by Valerie Austin

Valerie Austin, author of five highly successful books on hypnosis, is the world’s leading authority on smoking cessation, having developed the first ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ technique, helped thousands of clients quit smoking worldwide and trained some of the England’s top hypnotherapists.

Valerie shares over 20 years of stop smoking expertise to help you finally quit smoking for good

The Stop Smoking Handbook's essential elements:

• Special high definition hypnotic recordings
• Detailed handbook with over 100 pages, containing the essential information to help you make the most of your audio
• Simply written, easy to read and understand.
• Your smoking habit explained
• How hypnosis works and what to expect
• Specially encoded illustrations designed to fully engage your mind and kick-start the power of your imagination.
• Getting started session to sooth you into a deep hypnotic trance
• Main stop smoking session that allows you to change your attitude towards tobacco
• Transcripts of the Audio so you can prepare and familiarize yourself with the words.

BONUS Features

Because a real voice can be even more effective than a recording, Valerie shows you how you can work with a friend.

• A stress relief audio that you can use even after you’ve quit smoking
• Tips and instructions on how to create your own self-hypnosis scripts to help other areas of your life

This proven stop smoking program is undiluted traditional standard hypnosis.
Containing all the crucial information that you need to stop smoking, this program gives you all the tools to get the most out of your session.

In 1989 Valerie Austin pioneered a new way of using hypnosis to stop people smoking. The technique was similar to a method reported in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis in a study by Von Dedenroth in 1968, where 94% of smokers quit smoking and remained non-smokers at least 18 months later.

Learn the secrets to stop smoking forever
Now, for the second time in her career, Valerie Austin is changing the way that people connect with hypnosis. The Stop Smoking Handbook is yet another groundbreaking therapy from Valerie.

Over 20 years success
Twenty years later almost every hypnotherapist that can stop someone smoking in a One Hour hypnotherapy session is either using her technique or using a method based upon it.

‘I smoked 20 a day for four years. Val hypnotized me into stopping smoking with just one session. She’s incredible!’
New York Post

‘There is no question. Val’s technique really does work: try it!’ Sunday Magazine

‘Val is the guru of self-hypnosis’
The Independent

Several of Valerie Austin’s books have been used as core syllabus books on courses around the world. Austin's technique was even endorsed by the Health Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Lee Kim Dai on National Malaysia TV. She has the enviable reputation of being the therapist that people turn to when all else fails

This hand book is for life. Your life!

Once you have stopped smoking, you can use part-one of the audio to de-stress.

And more…. Use the crucial information provided to take on other areas of your life. Whether it's weight loss, confidence or even a phobia, you will have the knowledge you need to harness the power of hypnotherapy to positively change your life.

Find out more at www.valerieaustin.com


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